International Society for Scientific Research and Development (ISSRD) is a preeminent organization for the pioneer leaders of higher education across the world.

The mission of ISSRD is to promote quality in scientific research and higher education leadership.

ISSRD promotes excellence in higher education leadership through schematic benchmarking process in academic and scientific research arena.

ESIC 2017

To promote and guide the young aspiring engineering students on the innovation opportunity in fields of Engineering and Technology, ISSRD is announcing “ESIC 2017”. It will be a platform for the Engineering students to benchmark their project at various levels and also showcase the innovation opportunities in engineering streams. ESIC 2017 evaluates and awards students’ academic projects in state level and national level in each stream of Engineering and Technology. To encourage, benchmark, recognize the creative and innovative projects accomplished by engineering students across the nation, ISSRD invites projects in the following streams:

Selection Procedure

Projects will be selected based on the technical soundness, creativity and usefulness. The projects can be prototyped / simulated model or can be an innovative
concept. Physical model is not mandatory. Initial screening will be through expert committee comprising individuals from National and International recognitions.
Final screening will involve web presentation.

Awards & Appreciation

ISSRD will be awarding certifications in the following category:

Best Supervisor Award and Innovative campus award are selected based on quality and quantity of submission.

In addition, ISSRD recognizes projects addressing innovative social upliftment and social responsibility areas through appreciation awards (No limitation).

Submission Process

Project report not more than 12 pages containing Background, Objectives, Accomplished Work, Outcome and Achievements of the project has to be submitted. Softcopy of the report has to be sent by email to esic@issrdconferences.in

Please register through www.isssrdconferences.org/Register The applicants need to pay INR 750/- (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty only) towards the registration and screening process (per student). Team submission can have maximum of four students.

Important Dates

Contest Entry and Registration

Announcement of selected projects for Virtual Presentation

Virtual Web Presentation

Note: Shortlisted project teams need to submit the photos of the project team, Guide & Head of Institution by email. A video presentation may also be submitted for better social media recognition.

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